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European emergency number

We care about the safety of our passengers, which is why we promote the emergency number 112. The European Emergency Number 112 is the same in every member state of the European Union. It can be used to report life, health and property-threatening incidents, and can be dialled using a mobile or landline phone free of charge.

The European Emergency Number is 112, and its purpose is to report situations which directly threaten a person's life, health or property, including:

  • fire

  • traffic accidents

  • acts of violence

  • serious bodily injuries

  • theft

  • burglary

  • and other life and health-threatening situations.


When you call the European Emergency Number without a valid reason, you are preventing someone who needs immediate help from being able to contact an Emergency Centre dispatcher!

More information about the European Emergency Number can be found on the website of the European Commission.