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Single-fare tickets for long-distance lines can be purchased on our website using the search engine on the home page. No additional fees or charges are added to the prices of tickets purchased via our website.

All regional line single-fare tickets can be purchased from bus drivers, and tickets for selected lines can be purchased via the search engine on the home page.

Ticket offices at train stations and points of ticket sale offer single-fare tickets for long-distance lines and selected local lines.


A monthly ticket for a new month can usually be purchased starting from the 16th day of the current month at bus stations whose ticket offices are open all month long. Exceptions include other points of sale and mobile ticket offices.

A monthly ticket can also be purchased for a current month, however, the price of such a ticket does not change (i.e. an April ticket purchased on 11 April costs the same as a ticket purchased on 1 April).

Tickets can also be purchased from bus drivers. However, this option is only available on selected lines in selected branches. Please ask your cashier for more information.


Statutory discounts apply on buses operated by ReloBus, with several types and target groups available for single-fare and monthly tickets and different modes of transport.

Please remember that, in order to be eligible for a statutory discount, it is necessary to present a relevant document. A list of all documents entitling to a discount and a detailed list of all statutory discounts can be found at, as well as on other websites.


Passengers of ReloBus buses can also enjoy commercial discounts offered by the operator on separate terms (the discount amount and groups eligible for discounts may differ depending on the branch, type of vehicle and line).